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09 April 2016, 16:00

About two years ago, I started listening to DJ mixes while working. They are are good background music and keep me motivated. Some months later, I started noting them down in a small tumblog called Maybe someone also was interested in my curated musical background stuff? In addition, I noted down the length of the mix I listened to.

Yesterday, I posted the 1000th mix. Let’s look at some stats!


In total, I listened to about 64 000 min of music. That’s 1065 hours, or about 44 continuous days. Wow!

Most of the mixes come from Soundcloud (80 %). Mixcloud is the second important source I use (about all of the rest). Only a small fraction is hosted somewhere else (~0.5 %).

Lengths of Mixes

A typical DJ set is, on average, 64 min long. The median is at exactly 60 min, by the way.

The distribution of the length of the mixes looks like this: Lengths of Sets Again, you see that there’s a clear peak at 60 min (more slightly less) and an additional peak around 120 min. If you look closely, you find an entry around the 350 min mark. This is, with some distance, the longest mix. It’s Mr. Scruff’s 6 Hour DJ Set from Amsterdam from January. Crazy guy.

Save for different statistics, there’s no real difference concerning Mixcloud and SoundCloud. Maybe Mixcloud mixes are not as much peaking around the 60 and 120 min marks. Lengths of Sets per Hoster Mixes of the Other category tend to be a bit shorter. But remember the number of entries in this category…

Distribution over Time

The reason I needed a lot of motivation when programming and writing stuff on the computer was my PhD thesis. Looking at the cumulative listening length per week, do you want to guess when I handed in my thesis? Length per Week You’re right: Mid of April! In the course of three weeks, the listening amount dropped from 2000 min to 400 min. Guess I was fed up sitting silently in front of the computer.
Also of interest: There are weeks in which I listened to (barely) anything. They are called vacation.

15 O’Clock is Music Time

I seem to listen to most of the mixes from 14:00 to 15:00. Hourly Number of Mixes It can be seen that a usual day starts somewhere around 8:00 and continues to about 19:00. There are also entries after midnight, because that’s what writing a thesis does to you.
Note: I always posted the mix after I listened to it. So these are end times. (Also, I did not adjust for daylight saving time…)


I used a Jupyter notebook to evaluate the the tumblog. It’s available here, you can play with the stuff yourself – it’s explained how to run everything. Also, there are a few more graphs there.

If you come up with a cool feature, let me know!